A Global Opportunity

Europe & UK

The global air purifiers market is projected to cross $ 59 billion by 2021, on account of continuously rising level of pollution and growing health consciousness among consumers, globally


The USA is currently the biggest market, valued at $11.3 billion dollars in 2015  (grandviewresearch.com, 2016).

GCC and India

With increasing affluence, and some of the worst air pollution, Asia, the Middle East and India have the potential to be even bigger than the USA

The very best technology for this rapidly growing market sector

Since launching the new product range in 2017, Radic8 have created a distribution network which spans across five continents. If you would like to speak with Radic8 about becoming a distributor in your sector please contact us

Market Share

In the world’s leading country for commercial air purification installations. How will the rest of the world follow


To our sales and distribution partners


There are no technologies or products like ours in the market


The Radic8 technology spans across many market sectors (see market sector page) and Radic8 are actively seeking new distribution partners who have good routes to market within their sectors.
Radic8 offer a full distributor training and marketing support package along with attractive distributor margins.


Air purifiers are turning from a luxury item into a must have and Radic8
offer a unique clean air technology that sets them apart from all
the competition:  Air Purification + Sterilisation.
Radic8 are actively seeking the right distribution partners around the globe.


A key factor with technology is to stay ahead of the game. Radic8 actively invest in product development and have some very exciting products and technologies to release over the coming years.

People breathe air
Affected by air pollution
World leading technology
Golden opportunity