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The South Korean government have given $300,000 USD funding for the study and the pollutants they want to solve are: PM10 | PM2.5 | CO2 | Formaldehyde | CO | NO2 | TVOC | Radon | Bacteria | Mould Air quality sensor technology will be used for all pollutants apart from bacteria and mould. A third-party testing lab will monitor the bacteria and mould levels. A government tender went out for clean air technologies that could solve all ten pollutants … only one technology got through the tender process – our Radic8 INBair Group, VK103 system as detailed in the images below. This system will use external IAQ sensors to monitor pollutants like CO2 and bring in the required amount of fresh air, which goes through the unit when needed. The system will recirculate indoor air at all times using filters and our patented PCO technology to deal with any pollutants that get past the filters. We are currently installing 60 units across 3 schools within factory areas in South Korea. 1 month to install and 2 months testing – I shall then share all data.

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