1. Installation Option 1: Freestanding
Place device upright on a flat surface.

2. Installation Option 2: Wall mounted
The VK Air can be wall mounted for targeted air delivery.

  • Only mount the device to solid concrete, brick, or wooden walls. The wall should be at least 50mm (2”) thick.
  • Mark an area where the device can be hung such that there is at least 300mm (11.8”) between the top of the device and the ceiling.
  • The device should be positioned at approximately head height for optimal air delivery.
  • Hang the device on two 8mm (0.3”) wall plugs spaced 425mm (16.7”) apart.

Placement guidance:

  • Ensure the air intake and outlet are not obstructed.
  • Allow a space of least 300mm (11.8”) on either side of the device for optimal airflow.

3. Prepare the remote control:

A) While pressing the release latch on the back of the remote control, remove the battery compartment cover.
B) Insert two AAA batteries (not included) into the battery compartment. Ensure the negative terminals (marked by ‘–‘ symbols) on the batteries make contact with the springs in the battery compartment.
C) Replace the battery compartment cover.

4. Insert the power cable into the AC input.

5. Insert power plug into wall socket. Ensure correct mains voltage.

6. The device will automatically power on in Auto mode.