Hextio | Air Purification x 10

NEW for 2017! hextio uses ultimate reflection and refraction within the reactor chamber to enhance its efficiency by 10 times. The most compact, stylish, fully automatic, super efficient and cost effective air purifier and steriliser for all home and work environments.


Hextio is an air purifier and steriliser

As well as being the perfect solution for indoor air pollution in homes, hextio is also perfect for hotel rooms, waiting rooms, nursing and retirement homes, offices and all work environments. Its compact size, ability to be surface stood or wall hung, automatic plug and play function, super efficiency on all pollutants including Odour Neutralisation, low energy usage and cost effectiveness means that you can enjoy the benefits of clean air wherever you are.
Advertising clean and safe air in work environments is also a unique selling point that will please many people.

Have you ever gone to see your doctor and wondered what Germs you are going to be infected by in the waiting room or surgery? Did you know that one sneeze can infect a room for up to an hour? hextio neutralises airborne Viruses and Bacteria – keeping the air you breathe safe and healthy. When creating hextio our objective was to offer an air purifier and steriliser which did so much more than most of the other offerings on the market whilst being affordable for all……. we did it!


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For Hotels


Hextio and the additional Fragrance Filter is a new and unique proposition within the compact air purification sector. Unlike any mechanical air purifiers such as HEPA filters, hextio is super efficient against all respiratory viruses and bacteria which means that it is perfectly placed in any areas where airborne cross contamination is a concern, generally this is anywhere that people gather.  Purchasing hextio for the home or work environment will give great protection against the dangerous pollutants which build up in modern buildings and are causing such a world wide health problem.

Hextio Air Purification