Viruskiller™ by Radic8-INBair Group is an award winning, cutting edge technology designed specifically for protecting people with weak or compromised immune systems against airborne viruses, bacteria or fungi.

Top Innovation Company 2018 – USA. Awarded by The Infection Prevention Strategy

Protecting cancer patients against airborne pathogens.

Providing the ultimate air solutions for asthma sufferers.

Silver Medal Smogathon, the global contest for clean air technologies

Cutting-Edge Technology & Design

Airborne pathogens are a major threat to people suffering from any type of non-communicable disease. The VIRUSKILLER™ technology kills airborne pathogens and helps to provide safe indoor environments.

Air Pollution and the Best Solution

The Viruskiller™ Difference

People Affected By Air Pollution

Deaths per year
Of population affected
Cause of all diseases
Single biggest health threat