We Share Clean Air™   is a certification program run by Radic8. We believe that all commercial installations should boast about having the world’s highest certified clean air technology installed.

Top Innovation Company 2018 – USA
Awarded by The Infection Prevention Strategy

Silver Medal Smogathon, the global contest for clean air technologies

Providing the ultimate air solutions for asthma sufferers.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Design

Patented technology advancements expressed as contemporary style.

Air Pollution and the Best Solution

The Viruskiller™ Difference

People Affected By Air Pollution

Deaths per year
Of population affected
Cause of all diseases
Single biggest health threat

Dirty air needs to be purified
Sick air needs to be killed
Toxic air needs to be neutralised

To effectively clean the air down to the tiniest nanoparticle, you need a comprehensively tested and proven technology that eliminates all known air contaminants. Radic8 has created an all-in-one solution for air quality that is convenient, affordable and has the test data to prove its worth.