Viruskillerâ„¢ is a range of the world’s highest certified clean air technology for indoor environments. Destroying respiratory viruses on a single air pass and neutralising toxic gases makes the Radic8 Viruskiller range so much more than standard filter air purifiers.

Common air purifiers use filters to trap dust, but the dangerous nano sized particles get through filters and back into the air. Hextio uses the most advanced clean air technology to destroy sick air and neutralise toxic air, all in a stylish, compact package. Perfect for all home environments.

Probiotics are nature’s nanotechnology, not only do they clean better and last longer than chemicals, they actually boost our immune systems and are 100% organic. We fight plastic waste by offering refill sachets and we keep costs down, so now there is no reason not to switch.

We believe that everybody has the right to breathe clean air and we strive to equip people with the best clean air technologies and strategies available. Being ‘We Share Clean Air’ certified shows the world that you truly care about your environment and all people who come into it.

We are an indoor generation and high CO2 levels mean we do not get the right amount of oxygen for a healthy lifestyle. INBairO2 is the world’s first recreational oxygen concentrator. Stay on your A game and give your brain a boost with oxygen.

With the immune system busy fighting cancer, our defences to other infections are lowered. Cancercair provides the best technologies for destroying airborne viruses, keeping you safe when it matters most.