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The best clean air performance
in a compact package.

VK Air is the versatile, high-performance device designed to deliver crystal clear air where it matters most. Get exceptional air quality in the spaces where you live and work.


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Precision indoor air hygiene.

The VK Air is built to protect the breathing space in small and medium-sized rooms up to 90m2. Advanced yet unobtrusive, it provides visible reassurance and premium air all day to employees, customers, visitors and staff.

VK Air destroys airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99.99999%1

Despite its compact size, the VK Air provides outstanding air purification performance, and its targeted air delivery system means clean air flows directly to the breathing zone of a room.

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The VK Air captures the most polluted air in a room by creating an airflow pattern that continuously draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone.

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The VK Air’s multi-stage filtration features a pre-filter, granular activated carbon, and an H13 HEPA filter to remove coarse, fine, and ultrafine particulates and VOCs.

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Our patented UV-C Reactor Chamber uses a powerful photochemical process that safely deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria for real-time indoor air hygiene.

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Air Delivery

The VK Air can be placed at head height where occupants of a room congregate, allowing for fast delivery of clean air directly where people can benefit.

Comprehensive indoor air hygiene.

The VK Air has been laboratory tested to reduce a host of representative airborne viral, bacterial, and fungal strains, and features premium filter technology for the reduction of physical and chemical pollutants.

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Placement versatility for clean air anywhere.

The VK Air can be wall-mounted or placed freestanding on a table or countertop to deliver clean air exactly where you need it.

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Free up valuable floor space and target breathing zones at head height by mounting VK Air to the wall with its built-in brackets.

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Bring VK Air in close with plug-and-play portability to place on countertops and other surfaces where needed.

Dentist and patient in surgery room

Cutting-edge air quality detection and response.

Radic8 custom air quality sensors detect physical pollutants such as particulates, dust, and pollen as well as chemical threats like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with precision.

The device intelligently responds to increased levels of indoor air pollution by regulating the fan speed in Auto mode for hands-off operation and all-day peace of mind.

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Advanced technology for the cleanest air.

Every Radic8 device is packed with some of the world’s most powerful clean air technology for the cleanest, freshest air.

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A reusable pre-filter prevents larger particulates such as dust, dirt, and hair from recirculating.

VK Air 20

H13 HEPA Filter

A replaceable H13 HEPA filter traps ultrafine particulates, dust, smoke, and pollen.

VK Air 21

Reactor Chamber

Radic8 patented UV-C PCO technology destroys viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi.

VK Air 22

Carbon Filter

Premium, granular activated carbon filters efficiently adsorb harmful gases, fumes, odors, and VOCs.

VK Air 23

Nothing to sneeze at.

The VK Air features a premium, easily replaceable H13 HEPA filter to trap daily and seasonal particulate matter. Our certified melt-blown HEPA material traps particulates, dust, pollen, pet dander, and dirt with up to 99.98% efficiency.



Introducing the
Radic8 ODEO Carbon Filter

Our most powerful carbon filter ever.

Custom designed VOC and chemical reduction with unrivalled laboratory results. And for the first time, targeted removal of ammonia and formaldehyde compounds that cause unpleasant indoor odors.

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Patented active air decontamination

Our patented Reactor Chamber is the heart of every Radic8 VK device. It  adds powerful active decontamination to an already formidable series of filtration stages, employing both UV-C and PCO technologies for safe deactivation of airborne viruses and bacteria.

VK Air 26

Comprehensive laboratory testing

Radic8 is committed to continuous scientific testing, and makes all its performance and testing data available. Read our decontamination summary report here or download the laboratory test results.

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Safety, certified.

Ozone free. No UV leakage. The VK Air has achieved the highest levels of regulatory and compliance certification, and adheres to rigorous global electrical, emission, and safety standards.3
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Trusted by industries around the world.

Dr. Bill Warrilow
Senior Partner and Lead GP, The Charring Practice, UK
“When we are performing minor operations and we do cautery with a hyfrecator, it creates a plume of smoke that contains carcinogenic substances and can also potentially contain viral material. Having a device that actually extracts that air, neutralizes those fumes, and deactivates the viral material makes our operating space safer. There’s nothing quite like these units.”
Dr. Ihab Abdelrehim
President and CEO of Greenwood Dental, USA
"Globally, dentists have been working amongst harmful aerosols for decades, but are only now realizing the negative health effects. For me, Radic8 really stood out. We will need this technology going forward."
Andrea Buckley
Rough Lee Home, UK
"Our staff have really seen a difference. They used to find the corridors quite smelly in the mornings, but now the smell is completely gone. The residents are much happier, too. With units in their bedrooms, they can feel that the air is cleaner. Visitors have also commented when they come in that it’s not like an ordinary care home with unpleasant odors."
Emma Gowers
Founder and Principal at The Gower School, UK
"Our learning culture is one of encouraging students to think for themselves and solve problems, so we were delighted when our Eco-Committee chose to investigate the problem of poor indoor air quality in the school and find ways to address and remedy it. Fewer sick days means higher productivity and we are thrilled to see our children thriving so beautifully."
Robert Green
Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar, USA
"I was introduced to Radic8 clean air technology, and after taking a look at it, I was blown away by the sophistication of these devices. We’re aware that an asymptomatic customer could be sitting at a table a few feet away from other diners, so we feel more comfortable knowing the Radic8 units will add that extra layer of protection."
Dr. Richard Colin, BDS BSc
Abbots Langley Dental Practice, UK
“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to take additional safety measures to protect staff and patients in the practice. I installed Radic8 decontamination units in all treatment rooms and waiting areas.The favourable airflow rate enabled me to reduce the fallow time between patients and both staff and patients have commented positively on the Radic8 units. We now consider them essential."
VK Air 44

Switch on, breathe in.

Plug-and-play operation with no complex setup or configuration. The VK Air features simple controls suitable for high-traffic public spaces and no distractions for retail or commercial staff.

VK Air 45
VK Air 45

Switch on, breathe in.

Plug-and-play operation with no complex setup or configuration. The VK Air features simple controls suitable for high-traffic public spaces and no distractions for retail or commercial staff.

Minimalist lounge with air purifier

Clean air for every space.

With versatile installation and usage options, the VK Air is suitable for indoor areas where space is limited, including small offices, boardrooms, private rooms, corridors, and restrooms.

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Nursing Homes

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compact air purifier

Take control of the air you breathe.

Get world-class indoor air quality with the VK Air. 

Built tough for busy public spaces.

compact air purifier

A powder-coated steel chassis and robust build quality makes the VK Air a reliable feature of any high-traffic or busy retail or commercial space.

VK Air | Specifications


100m2 (1076ft2) i


20–142 CFM


Black or white


21–65 dBA ii


Freestanding/ mounted

IAQ Sensor

PM and VOC iii

Remote Control



1 Year

Typical Power

140W iv


14.5kg (32lbs)

Dimensions (mm)

365 x 600 x 170

Dimensions (in)

14.4 x 23.6 x 6.7



Carbon Filter

6 Months (4,000 hrs) v

H13 HEPA Filter

6 Months (4,000 hrs)v

Reactor Chamber

8,000 Hours

i One air change per hour based on 2.4m (7.8ft) ceiling height.
ii Sound pressure level calculated from sound power level as tested against ISO 3744.
iii The built-in VOC sensor calibrates each time the device powers on.
iv Measured at highest fan speed.
v Dependent on operating environment.

Get support for VK Air.

Support material, user manuals, and technical specifications.

1 As tested against Staphylococcus Epidermidis (7.15-log reduction) after 90min; Pantoea Agglomerans (5.17-log reduction), MS2 bacteriophage (6.77-log reduction), and Phi X 174 bacteriophage (6.15-log reduction) after 120 min. Tests performed by ARE Labs in the United States on the highest fan speed in a 16m3 chamber. Air purifiers are intended for use as part of an overall air quality plan and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
2 Tests performed by ARE Labs in the United States on the highest fan speed in a 16m3 chamber.
3 Ozone: The VK Pro emits less than 0.005 ppm of ozone, over a 24-hour period, which falls below the acceptable zero-ozone emission limit required by leading authorities on consumer safety standards in North America. UV: With filters removed, total irradiance measured at 0cm from all device outlets is less than 1 mW/m2.