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World-class Radic8 decontamination for indoor airflow and HVAC systems

Add VIRUSKILLER™ to your air delivery arsenal

Our versatile, ready-to-go clean air component

Workplaces, homes, and commercial spaces need solutions that deliver safe ventilation to maintain healthy levels of oxygen as well as active, real-time decontamination to meet the soaring demand for clean air delivery.

The VK Link puts Radic8 VIRUSKILLER™ technology into your airflow toolkit for filtered, neutralized, and decontaminated air for recirculation and ventilation — or both. Be first to market with solutions that put decontamination first.

An inline, HVAC-ready VIRUSKILLER™

Built-in clean air for modern spaces

Bring the benefits of ambient, whole-room clean air that is refreshed all day.

Supercharge your ventilation. Offer truly fresh air to occupants — air that is purified, neutralized, and decontaminated before it ever makes its way indoors.

Upgrade your recirculation. Snap in a VK Link to your existing recirculation system for targeted clean air delivery for total peace of mind.


A robust, washable pre-filter provides the first line of defense against larger particulates such as dust, dirt, and hair.

Carbon Filter

A premium activated carbon filter neutralizes gases, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

HEPA Filter

A high-grade HEPA filter traps ultrafine particulates and pathogens to deliver world-class purification performance.

Reactor Chamber

Our patented technology safely facilitates photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to deactivate microorganisms.

Indoor air safety meets creativity

Let the VK Link unlock unique airflow designs that put premium air safety at the heart of your designs. Build VIRUSKILLER™ into existing or entirely new airflow and ventilation applications for any indoor space, and build the future of indoor air with targeted, individual decontamination zones.

Built for designers and installers

Installer-friendly. Easy access to internals, convenient mounting options, slide-out filters, and standard fittings make the VK Link a breeze to install and maintain.

Preserve treated air. Add VK Link upstream of cooling/heating to preserve your treated air or build it into heat recovery or air handling systems.

Respect energy targets. Air disinfection without the energy overhead — the Radic8 Reactor Chamber is energy efficient with low running costs.

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Endless Airflow Applications

Install the VK Link to draw in contaminated air from one indoor space and deliver clean air to another.
Fresh Air Delivery
The VK Link can be used to draw air through an outdoor vent for total fresh air delivery indoors.
Mix of Fresh Air and Recirculation
Design systems for the best of both worlds — outside air mixed with recirculated air, simultaneously cleaned by the VK Link and delivered where needed.
HVAC Integration
Integrate the VK Link upstream of conditioning and air handling devices to enable decontamination in new or existing designs.
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Revolutionary Airflow Designs

The VK Link allows HVAC designers to create modern airflow concepts and designs for revolutionary new ways of protecting and controlling the flow of fresh, clean air in indoor spaces.

HVAC air purifier application

Revolutionary Airflow Designs

The VK Link allows HVAC designers to create modern airflow concepts and designs for revolutionary new ways of protecting and controlling the flow of fresh, clean air in indoor spaces.

Radic8 is committed to continuous scientific testing to validate its performance, efficiency, and safety claims. Our products are safe to use, produce no harmful by-products, and are safe for operation in occupied spaces.

VIRUSKILLER™ devices have been tested against numerous international safety standards for emissions and electrical compliance.

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Product support

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Product Manual & Technical Specifications

Technicians and installers can find everything they need — from safety information, installation, performance, and technical specifications — in the VK Link Product Manual.

View manual


The VK Link  can be used to filter outdoor air before delivering it inside, to recirculate decontaminated air between spaces, or designed into more creative and novel airflow applications by a specialist HVAC designer or installer.

Where the rest of the VK range are plug-and-play units that protect the breathing zone in a room, the VK Link is a component designed to be built into airflow systems to maintain whole-room ambient air quality. The VK Link is uniquely able to provide filtered outdoor air (ventilation), and/or multi-zone recirculation of decontaminated air, and is the only unit that can be directly integrated into new or existing HVAC/air delivery systems.

Absolutely. The VK Link is designed to clean air during transport and delivery, while the VIRUSKILLER™ freestanding range — the VK 103, VK 102, and VK 401 — are there to protect breathing zones from pollutants generated within a space. The use of both means clean air upon arrival, and real-time protection between and among occupants.

The VK Link is an air delivery component and must first be designed into a new or existing indoor airflow system by a qualified or licensed HVAC designer or installer. The VK Link is installed into an infrastructure’s ducting or airflow system or — for new applications — typically installed in roof space or in a dedicated airflow control room/cabinet. 

The VK Link does not require integration into an existing airflow system. It can be installed — along with any required ducting, diffusers, or vents — in most indoor spaces to serve any number of functions from fresh, outdoor air delivery to advanced recirculation.

The VK Link brings the full VIRUSKILLER™ suite of filtration, VOC neutralization, and viral decontamination to HVAC systems. This adds a new standard of clean air to indoor spaces with built-in airflow systems, and active viral and bacterial deactivation which traditional HVAC solutions cannot provide by themselves.

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