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HVAC air purifier

Built-in air decontamination for HVAC and ventilation.

VK Link is a revolutionary clean air component designed to bring a new level of clean air to existing airflow systems or form the heart of creative air hygiene applications.

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Bring clean air to modern spaces

Workplaces, homes, and commercial spaces need airflow that delivers not only ventilation and circulation, but also real-time decontamination to meet the soaring demand for protection from lingering pollutants and viruses.

Upgrade existing airflow systems.

VK Link is designed to easily fit into most modern air delivery and HVAC systems, allowing air to not only be recirculated, but actively filtered and decontaminated 24/7.

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Create revolutionary airflow designs.

COVID-19 has taught us all about the threat that shared indoor air can pose. The VK Link allows airflow and ventilation installers to make decontamination central to the indoor air story, with thoughtful new designs to actively target hot spots and protect the air that occupants breathe throughout the day.

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The link between outdoor and indoor air

The VK Link bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor air, allowing all the benefits of fresh air ventilation with the added protection of high performance filtration. Filter outdoor air on arrival into your space, or before delivery to the rest of your HVAC system.

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The heart of healthy buildings.

The indoor air environment should take more than temperature and ventilation into account. Let’s build a future where every building and residence is a clean air haven — spaces designed to both produce and deliver clean air.

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Comprehensive indoor air hygiene.

With high-grade filtration and advanced Radic8 active decontamination, the VK Link is designed to target physical, chemical, and biological indoor air pollutants for air that is purified, neutralized, and decontaminated before it ever makes its way indoors.

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Install the VK Link upstream in HVAC or air handling systems for fresh air delivery, recirculation, or a mix of both. The powerful 200mm inline fan is versatile, quiet, and powerful.

HVAC air purifier

Multi-stage Filtration

A washable pre-filter, granular activated carbon filter, and high-grade HEPA filter form the first line of defence against particulate matter, VOCs and microorganisms.

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Active Decontamination

Air is then exposed to Radic8 patented UV-C PCO technology, which safely breaks down airborne micoorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

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CO2 sensors for automatic, optimal purification.

The VK Link features a unique variation of our custom air sensor technology that automatically increases the speed of the inline fan when CO2 levels greater than 800ppm are detected. This allows the VK Link to provide greater circulation when occupancy is high, and a faster rate of real-time room air purification.

Advanced technology for the cleanest air.

Every Radic8 VK device is packed with some of the world’s most powerful clean air technology for the cleanest, freshest air.

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A reusable pre-filter prevents larger particulates such as dust, dirt, and hair from recirculating.

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Carbon Filter

Granular activated carbon to efficiently adsorb harmful gases, fumes, odors, and VOCs.

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HEPA Filter

A premium HEPA filter traps ultrafine particulates, dust, smoke, and pollen.

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Reactor Chamber

Radic8 patented UV-C PCO technology destroys viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi.

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The highest quality HEPA filters.

The VK Link features a thick, high-quality replaceable HEPA filter that traps up to 99.995% of airborne particulates, dust, pollen, and dirt.

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Patented active air decontamination

Our patented Reactor Chamber is the heart of every Radic8 VK device. The Reactor Chamber adds powerful active decontamination to an already formidable series of filtration stages, employing both UV-C and PCO technologies for the safe deactivation of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Safety, certified.

VK Link has achieved the highest levels of regulatory and compliance certification and adheres to rigorous global electrical, emissions and safety standards.1

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Built for designers and installers

Easy access to internals, convenient mounting options, slide-out filters, and standard fittings make the VK Link a breeze to install and maintain. 

HVAC air purifier

Built-in, high-quality air.

Enjoy the benefits of breathing fresh air that has been filtered and decontaminated before being brought indoors. Bring world-class technology to your airflow systems and deliver clean indoor air to your employees, guests, and residents.

Clean air for every space.

Get the clean air technology trusted by industries around the world. Get superior indoor air quality where it matters most.

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Nursing Homes

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HVAC air purifier

Take control of the air you breathe.

Design and install the best indoor air quality for healthy modern spaces.

VK Link | Specifications


95m2 (1022ft2) i


220–270 CFM




52–58 dB



IAQ Sensor


Remote Control



1 Year

Typical Power



14.1kg (31lbs)

Dimensions (mm)

365 x 330 x 528

Dimensions (in)

14.37 × 13 × 20.7



Carbon Filter

6 Months (4,000 hrs) ii

HEPA Filter

6 Months (4,000 hrs) ii

Reactor Chamber

8,000 Hours

i Based on two air changes per hour (2 ACH) and a ceiling height of 2.4m.
ii Dependent on operating environment.

Get support for VK Link.

Support material, user manuals and technical specifications:

1 Ozone: The VK Link emits less than 0.005 ppm of ozone, over a 24-hour period, which falls below the acceptable zero-ozone emission limit required by leading authorities on consumer safety standards in North America. UV: With filters removed, total irradiance measured at 0cm from all device outlets is less than 1 mW/m2