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Best in class: Premium air technology designed for schools.

iA 360 is the ultimate clean air device for healthier learning and working environments and is child-safe in even the busiest classrooms.

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Making clean air accessible to bright young minds.

iA 360 is the affordable and powerful technology that delivers hygienically clean air to students and teachers before, during, and after class.

Safety-first air filtration.

iA 360 uses advanced, multi-stage filtration technology for the ultimate clean air performance, with no additive or ozone-producing components.

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The iA 360 draws potentially contaminated away from students and staff with a quiet yet powerful fan.

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High-performance passive filtration removes indoor air pollutants, particulates, and gases from the air.

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Clean air is delivered back into the room at head height to standing or seated students and staff.

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Comprehensive indoor air hygiene.

iA 360 is designed to target a wide range of indoor air pollutants for complete peace of mind throughout the school day.

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Targeted air delivery for seated students.

Unlike traditional air purifiers, the iA 360 is designed to provide clean air directly to the breathing zone of seated students and teachers with its targeted 360-degree airflow delivery.

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Intelligent air quality sensors for easy operation.

Radic8 custom air quality sensors detect physical pollutants such as particulates, dust, and pollen as well as chemical threats (volatile organic compounds or VOCs) with precision.

The iA 360 intelligently monitors and adjusts its own airflow to deliver clean air to the class — no complex settings, no setup, and no interruptions.

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Advanced filtration technology for the cleanest air.

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A reusable pre-filter prevents larger particulates such as dust, dirt, and hair from recirculating in the room.

iA 360 21

ODEO Filter

The Radic8 ODEO Filter is designed to target ammonia, formaldehyde, and associated odors as well as VOCs and gases.

iA 360 22

HEPA Filters

Dual premium-quality H13 HEPA filters trap ultrafine particulates, dust, smoke, and pollen with uncompromising efficiency.

iA 360 23

Nothing to sneeze at.

With two sets of premium, high-grade H13 HEPA filters, the iA 360 delivers the cleanest air for classrooms. Our certified HEPA filter material traps particulates, dust, pollen, pet dander, and dirt, helping to keep seasonal pollutants at bay.


Introducing the
Radic8 ODEO Carbon Filter

Our most powerful carbon filter ever.

Custom designed VOC and chemical reduction with unrivalled laboratory results. And for the first time, targeted removal of ammonia and formaldehyde compounds that cause unpleasant indoor odors.

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Safe for schools, safe at work.

Ozone free. No UV leakage. The iA 360 achieves the highest levels of regulatory and compliancy certification, and adheres to rigorous global electrical, emissions and  safety standards.1

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No teaching distractions.

Plug-and-play installation, tamper-proof design, and child-lock features make the iA 360 child and teacher-friendly, operating in the background with zero classroom distractions.

iA 360 32
iA 360 32

No teaching distractions.

Plug-and-play installation, tamper-proof design, and child-lock features make the iA 360 child and teacher-friendly, operating in the background with zero classroom distractions.

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Take control of the air in classrooms

Become the first clean air school in your district with the iA 360.

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Built tough and child-safe.

iA 360 is built to last, with a powder-coated steel chassis that is robust enough for high-traffic classrooms.

iA 360 | Specifications


330m2 (3552ft2) i


90–470 CFM




33–59 dBA 



IAQ Sensor

PM and VOC ii

Remote Control



1 Year

Typical Power

150W iii

Weight (kg)


Weight (lbs)


Dimensions (mm)

1335 x 370 x 370

Dimensions (in)

52.6 x 14.6 x 14.6



H13 HEPA Filter

6 months (4,000 hrs)iv

ODEO Filter

6 months (4,000 hrs)iv

i One air change per hour based on 2.4m (7.8ft) ceiling height.
ii The built-in VOC sensor calibrates each time the device powers on.
iii Measured at highest fan speed.
iv Dependent on operating environment.