Clean Air at Home

Home is where we rest, relax, and recuperate from illness. It’s where we share our most treasured moments with our family members, bring home new babies and care for elderly parents. It may also be the place where we are most exposed to air pollution. Furniture, carpets and paints, cleaning products, cooking and even the road outside are all responsible for releasing harmful pollutants. Bring Radic8 into your home for complete protection for all the family.


The world’s best performing air purifier plus steriliser

In efforts to keep our home clean and fresh and looking it’s best, we may be creating an environment that is unsafe. Many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that are breathed in whilst cleaning. The most dangerous are corrosive drain and oven cleaners, which produce fumes that irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Regularly using bleach has been linked to a higher chance of developing lung disease, and the fragrances we spray and plug in have been found to be carcinogenic.

Carpets, pets, clothes washing and the busy comings and goings of the average household combine to create a dusty environment. Pollen, dust mites and pet dander all play a part in allergic reactions, and all can be filtered out efficiently using Radic8. Mould and fungal spores can be released into the air in older buildings and cause a range of respiratory problems. Formaldehyde is a key concern, off gassing from everything we bring into our home; new carpets, a fresh coat of paint, clothes and furniture, and being produced along with other volatile organic compounds every time we cook.

As well as removing all these pollutants, Radic8 can actively protect your home from the spread of sickness. Every time a child comes home from school with a bug it feels inevitable that the
whole family will catch it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Radic8’s VirusKiller technology has been extensively tested and proven to neutralise all types of virus and bacteria to 99.9999%. It also deals with a world-leading 99.95% of nitrogen dioxide, combatting pollution from nearby roads and industry. From the nursery to the open plan kitchen-diner, there is a Radic8 unit perfectly designed to protect your home.

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Modern homes are well insulated and tightly enclosed, giving allergens and air pollutants time to build to dangerous levels. Radic8 destroys all pollution, even the smallest nano particles that sail right through HEPA filters. Crucially, Radic8 air purifiers and sterilisers release no harmful chemicals. Our advanced manufacturing technique ensures that no harmful nano particles are released and they are certified ozone free. Create safe, healthy, pollution free indoor air for your home with Radic8.