Elder Care

Nursing Homes, Home Care and Geriatric Wards

Sadly, it is the most vulnerable in our society that are disproportionately affected by air pollution. As we age, our immune systems become less effective at fighting illness, and a single airborne virus can prove deadly. Staff in elder care facilities are constantly battling outbreaks of infection and unpleasant odours. Radic8 technology can help.


Radic8 helps control the spread of elder care cross contamination

In elder care facilities and nursing homes, where an outbreak of a virus such as influenza can be life- threatening, it is more important than ever to control the spread of infection. A single sneeze can release thousands of virus particles into the air that remain suspended for hours, infecting cells when breathed in, and landing on surfaces to further the risk of cross-contamination. Once an elderly person has caught flu, their airways become inflamed and this leaves them vulnerable to bacterial infections such as pneumonia.

Radic8 technology destroys all types of airborne virus and bacteria to 99.9999% providing real-time protection from airborne contamination and reducing the chance of surface contamination.

Elderly people have an increased chance of suffering from chronic diseases, such as lung, heart or liver disease. Air pollution has been shown to worsen all these conditions, as well as increase the chances of stroke or heart attack. It is crucial to protect chronic disease sufferers from environmental pollution – and this is another area where Radic8 is different from all other air purification and sterilisation systems.

As well as removing particulate matter, smoke, mould and allergens, Radic8 is 99.95% effective at removing toxic gases such as nitrogen dioxide from traffic pollution.

Elder care facilities work hard to create a pleasant environment for patients, but the cleaning products themselves can be hazardous, and despite regularly use, there are often constant sources of strong odours. Radic8 removes odours in real-time and creates fresh indoor air.

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