Radic8 in Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés

The importance of making a good first impression on your clients cannot be understated. Despite your best efforts to create the perfect welcome, a visitor will notice immediately if there are any unpleasant smells, particularly in their hotel room. Don’t let foul odours ruin your guests experience. Radic8 destroys odours, creating a healthy and odour free indoor environment.


Make the right impression by sharing fresh and healthy air

Air pollution in hospitality venues comes from a wide range of sources and can negatively impact the guest experience. Extractor fans and air conditioning units can deal with some air quality problems, but to meet and surpass air quality guidelines you also need to install
effective air purification and sterilisation. Radic8 have developed a world-leading range of products to help combat air pollution in a wide range of hospitality settings.

It is inevitable that some smoke and cooking odours will escape from commercial kitchens, and this can infiltrate into hotel rooms. Previous occupants may leave lingering smoke or other odours that airing alone will not remove.

Cleaning products release harmful chemicals that remain in the air for hours. City centre hotel rooms harbour dangerously high levels of toxic gas and particulate matter from traffic and industry. The powerful reactor cell inside Radic8 destroys all these pollutants to an industry-leading level

The smallest Radic8 unit, Hextio, is specifically designed for hotel rooms. It is compact, quiet, and uses very little energy. To enhance the air quality even further, there is the option to add a fragrance filter to Hextio. Guests choose from a menu of 100% essential oil flavours and the scent is subtly dispersed throughout the room.

Restaurants and cafés may have similar air quality problems. One particularly dangerous air quality problem in modern coffee shops comes from milk proteins becoming aerosolised (airborne).
This has the potential to cause an asthma attack in those intolerant to dairy simply by breathing the air. The implications for this are quite worrying, and raise the question of how many other allergens may be in the air in high enough concentrations to cause allergic reactions. With sufficient ventilation and Radic8 air purification and sterilisation technology on your side, safe indoor air is assured.

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Advertising with “We Share Clean Air” is a powerful way to set your gym apart from the competition, helping you to attract and retain members. By providing a gym environment free of sweaty odours, dangerous gases, mould, viruses and dust you provide members with a healthy environment in which to exercise.

Our air purifiers and sterilisers outclass the competition in substance and style. They are sleek and stylish, and with the addition of a magnetic Advertising Wrap, can be transformed into unique advertising space. Our exclusive Black Edition range has been designed to fit seamlessly with modern décor, emitting a gentle hum and warm glow.