Radic8's 16-year clean air technology journey

SARS Coronavirus Outbreak in South Korea
Our Story 1

During the 2003 SARS Coronavirus outbreak, top researchers from renowned universities, such as the Korean Aerospace University and Sungkyunkwan University.

Prominent engineering entities and other brilliant minds came together to create a technology that could effectively eradicate airborne viruses and other pathogens from indoor air environments.

VIRUSKILLER™ Technology Was Created by Inbair
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That technology is VIRUSKILLER™, and it was created by INBair, a South Korean company established by Ken Lee, a senior engineer, in 2004.

Steve Kwon, who was Chief Technical Officer of LG Electronics for 30 years, came on board as a strategic technical advisor and director.

Since then, the unique and powerful indoor air technology they developed has built up a 16-year global track record of sanitising indoor spaces in a multitude of environments around the world.

South Korean's Government Confidence in VIRUSKILLER™ Technology
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VIRUSKILLER™ has its roots in a country where the purification of indoor spaces is standard practice and the government rigorous in its regulation of indoor air quality, VIRUSKILLER™ not only kills viruses effectively but also deals with all known indoor air quality problems.

The South Korean government's confidence in the technology is evident in the fact that VIRUSKILLER™ has received multiple government development grants, and the technology was the only technology to meet the Government specification for lung examination room.

It's also the only technology that the Leukaemia Association of South Korea recommends for home care.

In South Korea alone, VIRUSKILLER™ has been installed in more than 370 000 locations across the country, including most of the hospitals. It has also been deployed in educational spaces, government buildings and other indoor establishments, such as restaurants, museums, libraries, commercial areas, and care homes.

Founder of Radic8 Develops a Passion for Indoor Air Cleaning Technology
Our Story 4

Richard Greenwood, the founder of Radic8, is an innovator who developed a passion for clean indoor air solutions when his father was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a debilitating chronic respiratory disease.

Knowing how crucial clean air would be to the health of his father, Richard did extensive investigations into the indoor air solutions available at the time.

He found that the unregulated nature of the industry meant many companies were making ambitious claims, but without the results to show for them.

Introducing VIRUSKILLER™ by Radic8 to the Global Market
Our Story 5

During his search, Richard discovered INBair's VIRUSKILLER™ technology. He traveled to South Korea to meet Ken and Steve.

Richard was so impressed with their engineering credentials and air cleaning technology that their talks resulted in an INBair (Korea) and Radic8 (UK) partnership in 2017, introducing VIRUSKILLER™ by Radic8 to the global market.

Since then, Radic8-INBair has been consolidating and globalising the business to meet the significant increase in worldwide demand for VIRUSKILLER™ technology.

Radic8 is responsible for innovative product development, sales and marketing, and INBair is accountable for manufacturing.

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