Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 1

Decontamination Report

ARE Labs, July 2021


Hextio was tested against the RNA virus MS2 bacteriophage at ARE Labs in the USA, a top FDA-cleared bioaerosol laboratory. As the only desktop air purifier to feature Radic8 world-class active air decontamination technology, the results confirm that Hextio is the most powerful air purifier in its class.

Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 2
Device under test

Radic8 Hextio

Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 3
Test methodology

Chamber testing vs. aerosolized challenge

Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 4

Aerosol Research & Engineering Laboratories, KA, USA

Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 5

July 2021


In a laboratory environment, a challenge is the exposure of bioaerosolized microorganism to a testing chamber. 

Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 6

MS2 Bacteriophage

RNA virus. RNA virus. MS2 is used as a surrogate for airborne pathogenic respiratory viruses, such as influenza and SARS-CoV-2.


Hextio was placed in a 1m3 chamber equipped with laboratory-grade sensors and detection equipment.

First, as a control, the challenge was introduced to the chamber with the device switched off, and the results measured (red line in the results below). Then, the test was repeated three separate times with the device running at the highest fan speed. The resulting data from the sensors was averaged across the three tests (blue line).

Hextio Decontamination Report (ARE 2021) 7


Test reports

Download and read the full laboratory test reports here:

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