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Hello. You’ve found us!

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re a dynamic, creative, out-the-box-thinking graphic artist with a dazzling sense of humour, mad Adobe skills, and a portfolio to prove it. Does this sound like you?

The Radic8 Marketing team is looking for someone to help conceptualize and execute beautiful visual messaging and brand design to help catapult our world-class company into the stratosphere.


Who are we?

Radic8 is The Indoor Air Safety Company — and we’re on a mission to bring clean, healthy air to the great indoors. For almost two decades, our technology has been protecting critical, sensitive medical environments. Radic8 has brought that technology to residential and commercial spaces, rapidly winning the fight against poor indoor air quality in workplaces, homes, schools, clinics, stores, and public spaces in over 50 countries around the world with gorgeous devices designed for real people.

The Marketing Team is a small group in a company of 30 people, predominantly based in Cape Town. We inherited a brand in need of some TLC and have spent the last year primping, preening, and tweaking the visuals, messaging, and product catalogue to better represent just how astounding Radic8 technology is. Now, we need someone to help take our visual communication to the next level.


Who are we really?

As a team, we take our work seriously. We proudly eat, sleep — and literally breathe — our values:

  • Science first. Above all, we ensure a commitment to science and evidence, and we go where the data takes us in all areas of business. Test, measure, record.
  • Word-class. World-class products, customer service, systems, partnerships and attitudes. This value reminds us to produce the products and experiences we’d love to receive ourselves.
  • Got your back. Camaraderie and a ‘how can I help’ mindset. This applies to how we treat our partners, the public, and most importantly, each other. Help your teammates succeed and ensure they can be world-class while doing so.
  • Speak freely. Speaking with freedom means simplicity, clarity, and above all, honesty. Our partners and the public require clear, truthful messaging, and our teammates speak their minds unencumbered by jargon or obstacle. No sacred cows.
  • Come up for air. Remember to take a big, deep breath of virus-free air. Take a step back — introspection and mindfulness help prevent mistakes — to see the big picture and make smarter, healthier moves.


Who are we looking for?

  1. Someone who cares about human health and wellbeing and wants to work for a company that is trying its hardest to change a troubling status quo.
  2. You don’t need to be an expert in indoor air quality, air purification, or decontamination technology… but you do need to be a quick learner. We have a wonderful team that will help you become an air indoor hygiene expert, assuming you’re willing and able to learn.
  3. A South African citizen, either a Capetonian or someone willing to become one. We have an awesome, growing office in Newlands that is the hub of our workday, and the place where we are building a culture of collaboration and celebration.
  4. Someone with the requisite vector, raster, photo, graphic, and layout skills required to produce content that turns us into the “Samsung” the “Apple” of air purification. Beautiful product imagery, stunning illustration and concepts, tight brand design, and effortless flow of information, driven by a great eye for design, color, and visual “x-factor”.



Role: Graphic/Brand Designer

Hours: Full-time

Location: Cape Town – hybrid on/off working model (for the best of both worlds)

Job Description: Graphic Designer Job Description

Sound good to you?

Excellent news. If you think your skills fit the Job Description, swing us your CV and portfolio so we can size you up for ourselves. Simply email your CV (please include 2 contactable references) and portfolio (link or attachment under 5MB) to:

We commit to replying to you within 24 hours, five days a week.


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Please note that the content in this advertisement is for the purpose of first-line engagement. This is not the full job spec nor the complete list of minimum requirements for application.