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Real-time protection for doctors, hygienists, and patients from airborne germs, pathogens, and allergens.

The air in our dental practices

Just as oral hygiene is an important part of our overall health, so too is the quality of the air we breathe. Dental surgeries — particularly those in urban areas — are highly susceptible to poor indoor air quality, while the flow of patients and staff in waiting rooms and surgeries puts practices at high risk for airborne germs and bacteria. Raising the quality of the air in our shared spaces is crucial, especially in sensitive medical environments, and requires more than just a simple air purifier.

Dental Surgeries 1

Dental surgeries need complete indoor air safety.

With patients unmasked, splash and splatter from aerosol-generating procedures, and traces of anaesthetic gases, the indoor air in dental surgeries needs to be treated with the utmost care.


The number of known pathogens1 found in dental plaque, including bacteria from the respiratory tract2, which can be released into the air during aerosol-generating procedures.

1000 ppm

The concentration of nitrous oxide (N2O) in uncontrolled exposures in dental operators. System maintenance, ventilation, and work practices can effectively reduce concentrations to approximately 25 ppm — the recommended limit3.


8 hrs

The amount of exposure to N2O per week4 that can lead to adverse health effects including liver and kidney disease, as well as decreased immune response and generalized neurological disorders.5

Dental Surgeries 2


Dental surgeries are high-risk spaces, where potentially ill patients exhale pathogens that can linger in the air for hours6. VIRUSKILLER™ helps prevent the spread of germs between patients and staff.

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Defense against bioaerosols

The VIRUSKILLER™ Reactor Chamber deactivates airborne viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, protecting the air in dental surgeries before, during and after aerosol-generating procedures7.

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VIRUSKILLER™ has class-leading performance against gases, VOCs and allergens - providing welcome relief for those staff and patients with respiratory conditions or allergies.

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Patient reassurance

Equipping dental practices with cutting-edge VIRUSKILLER™ clean air technology provides crucial reassurance, winning the trust of patients and ensuring they feel protected within the clinic.

Watch VIRUSKILLER™ in action

See how Greenwood Dental in Nashua NH and Burlington MA is utilizing VIRUSKILLER™ in their dental offices.

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Dental Surgeries 7

Trusted by dentists worldwide

The VK 401 is the unit of choice for dental surgeries and is widely used in dental practices around the world. Its patented Reactor Chamber deactivates airborne pathogens, providing real-time protection for doctors, hygienists, and patients and between aerosol-generating procedures.

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World-class performance for total indoor air hygiene

VIRUSKILLER™ brings world-class clean air solutions to dental surgeries, providing an additional safety measure where hygiene is of the utmost importance. In the same way that dental practices disinfect surfaces and equipment, VIRUSKILLER™ cleans the air, helping to prevent the spread of germs.

Engineered Infection Prevention

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All in one

Unrivalled performance against organic pathogens -- viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi -- as well as allergens, irritants, smoke and VOCs.


Simple operation means out of the box indoor air safety, with no complex installation, setup or renovation required.

Certified safety

Ultra-high performance UV-C germicidal decontamination housed within a patented Reactor Chamber for safe, real-time operation.

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Airflow Control

VIRUSKILLER™ precision airflow control draws contaminated air away from occupants, expelling clean, fresh air into the breathing zone of the room.

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Air first passes through a series of filters, including a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a high-end HEPA filter, trapping both large and ultrafine particles for future disposal.

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Toxic gases from outdoor air pollutants, as well as indoor odors and fumes from carpets, flooring, and cleaning chemicals are neutralized within minutes.

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Our patented Reactor Chamber is the heart of VIRUSKILLER™, ensuring that any remaining microorganisms and gases are deactivated on a single air pass.

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A VIRUSKILLER™ throughout the dental practice:

VK 401
for restrooms
The VK 401 can be wall mounted in restrooms, decontaminating the air to prevent the spread of germs and reducing unpleasant odors and fumes from cleaning products.
Discover VK 401 →
VK 401
for dental surgeries
The VK 401 is used in dental surgeries around the world, and is the unit of choice to achieve a best practice of four air changes per hour, resulting in safer working conditions and a higher patient throughput*.
Discover VK 401 →
VK 103
for waiting rooms
The VK 103 is the best-in-class air decontamination for waiting rooms and indoor spaces. Its powerful yet silent Sirocco fan, and uncompromising set of industrial filters make the VK 103 the ultimate VIRUSKILLER™ solution for total peace of mind.
Discover VK 103 →
for reception desks
The Hextio is ideal for sanitizing the air around a receptionist in a dental surgery. Once air has been decontaminated, the directional hood ensures the direct flow of clean air into the receptionist's breathing space.
Discover Hextio →
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We Share Clean Air

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We’re spending more time inside. But instead of being safe from pollutants, we’re more exposed than ever. Indoor air is on average two to five times more polluted than the air outside8 — yet despite greater awareness of airborne diseases, we continue to share the same contaminated air.

Embrace clean air technology and bring fresh air back inside, and join the community that is committed to turning the tables on poor indoor air.

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Complete Indoor Air Safety since 2004

VIRUSKILLER™ by Radic8 is the world’s most awarded clean air technology. With almost two decades of research and development and over 400,000 installations worldwide, the challenge of poor indoor air quality is being solved one space at a time, enabling Radic8 to share clean air with everyone, everywhere.

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* Based on a 200ft2 dental surgery. Multiple units can achieve the same result in larger spaces.