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Healthy Air for Safe Travels

Travelling during a global pandemic can be stressful as health and safety standards vary greatly from country to country. Guests from all over the world not only share the same facilities with staff and each other, but also the same air — increasing the risk of cross-infection of airborne illness. Indoor air safety in hotels is fast becoming an important deciding factor when choosing accommodation for business or leisure travel.

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A hotel stay should be a breath of fresh air.

With travellers checking in and out, hotels and their facilities face high levels of indoor air contaminants, including allergens, gases and fumes, and viruses and bacteria, making it crucial to clean the air before the arrival of new guests.


The number of people infected by a guest at the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong in 2003, considered ground zero for the 2003 SARS-CoV outbreak.1


The concentration of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) in air samples collected after massage treatments in spas were up to 60 times higher than before they started.2


The number of cases of travel-associated Legionnaires’ Disease in European residents in 2016.3 Hotels and resorts are prone to outbreaks from nearby water sources and HVAC systems where Legionella can grow.4

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Prevent cross-infection

Hotels see a high turnover of guests travelling for business and leisure, who can be ill or asymptomatic, potentially infecting other guests. VIRUSKILLER™ decontaminates the air, providing real-time protection against airborne viruses and bacteria.

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While bed linen, towels, tables, equipment, and surfaces are routinely cleaned, more attention needs to be paid to the cleanliness of indoor air in hospitality establishments. VIRUSKILLER™ disinfects the air to protect guests from airborne pathogens in hotels and guesthouses.

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Fresh air everywhere

Many venues in urban areas face extreme levels of outdoor air pollution5, with toxic fumes from cleaning products, food preparation, and even laundry polluting facilities. VIRUSKILLER™ takes control of the airflow, neutralizing harmful gases and VOCs.

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Travellers and guests will be reassured to know that hotels and guesthouses have invested in clean air technology as a protective measure. VIRUSKILLER™ helps ensure that the health and safety of guests and staff who share facilities are protected during vulnerable times.

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Premium air
cleaning technology for hotel rooms

Airborne pathogens can linger in the air for hours after guests have checked out. VIRUSKILLER™ thoroughly decontaminates the air in hotel rooms, ensuring fresh, clean air for the arrival of new guests.

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Safer working environments for hotel staff

Staff come into contact with guests from all over the world while they check in, see them to their room, and provide service throughout their stay. Unlike other air purifiers, VIRUSKILLER™ provides real-time protection for safer working environments for hospitality staff.
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All-day protection
from indoor air contaminants

From tower units for large spaces to Hextio providing bedside protection for weary travellers, VIRUSKILLER™ is suited to all areas of hospitality establishments, ensuring complete indoor air safety for total peace of mind.

Engineered Infection Prevention

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All in one

Unrivalled performance against organic pathogens -- viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi -- as well as allergens, irritants, smoke and VOCs.


Simple operation means out of the box indoor air safety, with no complex installation, setup or renovation required.

Certified safety

Ultra-high performance UV-C germicidal decontamination housed within a patented Reactor Chamber for safe, real-time operation.

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Airflow Control

VIRUSKILLER™ precision airflow control draws contaminated air away from occupants, expelling clean, fresh air into the breathing zone of the room.

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Air first passes through a series of filters, including a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a high-end HEPA filter, trapping both large and ultrafine particles for future disposal.

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Toxic gases from outdoor air pollutants, as well as indoor odors and fumes from carpets, flooring, and cleaning chemicals are neutralized within minutes.

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Our patented Reactor Chamber is the heart of VIRUSKILLER™, ensuring that any remaining viruses, bacteria, and gases are deactivated on a single air pass.

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A VIRUSKILLER™ unit in every hotel space:

VK 103
for hotel lobbies
Large hotel lobbies can be inadequately ventilated, increasing the risk of airborne disease transmission. The VK 103 protects guests checking in, visitors, and staff escorting them to their rooms.
Discover VK 103 →
VK 103
for hotel bars and restaurants
The VK 103 is the perfect solution for protecting hotel bars and restaurants from harmful viruses and bacteria, while efficiently neutralizing odors from cooking and preparation.
Discover VK 103 →
VK 102
for hotel gyms
The VK 102 efficiently sanitizes the indoor air in hotel gyms, ensuring guests breathe clean, healthy air while they work out.
Discover VK 102 →
VK 401
for guest rooms
The VK 401 is ideal for guest rooms and can be wall mounted or left free standing. With triple filtration and eight high-power UV-C lamps, the VK 401 contains the same VIRUSKILLER™ technology designed for medically sensitive spaces, ensuring real-time protection for guests.
Discover VK 401 →
for reception desks
Hextio can be positioned on a countertop to directly clean the air around the receptionist, ensuring their breathing zone is free of contamination.
Discover Hextio →
for bedside tables
Hextio can be placed on bedside tables in guest rooms to cleans the air directly around the breathing zone, protecting guests while they sleep.
Discover Hextio →
VK 401
for laundry facilities
Hotels need to launder a high number of sheets and towels on a daily basis, where harmful fumes from chemical detergents can cause respiratory issues. The VK 401 contains the same VIRUSKILLER™ technology found in much larger units designed for medically sensitive spaces, for total peace of mind.
Discover VK 401 →
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We Share Clean Air

Welcome to the family

We’re spending more time inside, but instead of being safe from pollutants, we’re more exposed than ever. Indoor air is on average two to five times more polluted than the air outside6 — yet despite greater awareness of airborne diseases, we continue to share the same contaminated air.

Embrace clean air technology and bring fresh air back inside and join the community that is committed to turning the tables on poor indoor air.

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Complete Indoor Air Safety since 2004

VIRUSKILLER™ by Radic8 is more than just an air purifier. With almost two decades of research and development and installations across the globe, the challenge of poor indoor air quality is being solved one space at a time, enabling Radic8 to share clean air with everyone, everywhere.

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