Greenwood Dental Invests in VIRUSKILLER™ Indoor Air Safety

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A check-up with the dentist or hygienist can be intimidating for many at the best of times, and the global pandemic has only rendered the prospect all the more daunting. With countless aerosol-generating procedures performed on unmasked patients every day, and waiting rooms that leave little option for safe physical distancing, dental surgeries remain high-risk spaces for cross-infection of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Dr. Ihab Abdelrehim, President and CEO of Greenwood Dental knew his dental offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts had to figure out a way to keep their patients and team safe. “Over and above our regular PPE measures, our first safety protocol was to implement the use of a dry shield that goes into the patient’s mouth and suctions about 95% of aerosols. From there, we considered other extraoral safety measures to put in place, which is when we began looking into air treatment systems.”

Choose clean indoor air

With a background in surface analytical chemistry, 20 years of semiconductor experience, and proficiency in the design and implementation of clean rooms, Dr. Abdelrehim’s understanding of how to implement clean indoor air environments was already sophisticated — and for him, VIRUSKILLER™ was the clear solution. “I’ve researched many air purification solutions and this one really stood out as one of the only systems that will clean and disinfect the air in a single pass. Anything over six air exchanges per hour provides surgically clean air — VIRUSKILLER™ provides anywhere between seven to eight air exchanges per hour.”

Win the trust of team members and patients

With a VK 401 in their dental operatories and VK 103s protecting their waiting rooms, Greenwood Dental is thrilled with their investment in indoor air safety and has already received positive feedback from patients in both their offices. One of their newest patients, a man in his early-60s from neighboring Rhode Island, actively makes the over one-hour drive to visit the Burlington, Massachusetts practice rather than a dentist closer to home — all due to the reassurance that Dr. Abdelrehim and his team have provided in the form of VIRUSKILLER™ air decontamination.

It’s not only patients who are noticing a difference. A young hygienist at the Nashua office who suffers from asthma noted that it worsened when she was at home in the evenings and on weekends but reported a marked improvement in her breathing and allergies when she was in the office. The ability of VIRUSKILLER™ to filter larger particles and harmful ultrafine allergens from the air means much more pleasant working conditions for the team and keeps health and safety as the number one priority.

Greenwood Dental Invests in VIRUSKILLER™ Indoor Air Safety 1

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The future of indoor air safety

As one of the first offices in New England to install clean air technology, the team at Greenwood Dental were so impressed by the capabilities of VIRUSKILLER™ that they have been encouraging its adoption throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Dr. Abdelrehim believes that clean air technology will become commonplace throughout most public and private spaces. “Globally, dentists have been working amongst harmful aerosols for decades, but are only now realizing the negative health effects. For me, VIRUSKILLER™ really stood out. We will need this technology going forward.”

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