Hamstreet Surgery Invests in VIRUSKILLER™ for Clean Air

After the coronavirus hit in 2020, the Hamstreet Surgery in Kent felt it needed to implement another crucial safety measure — providing clean indoor air.
Hamstreet Surgery Clean Air

The Hamstreet Surgery in Ashford, Kent is a progressive and forward-thinking practice that prides itself on efficient, friendly service and covers an area of around 150 square miles and serves a number of nearby towns.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, the practice had already taken extra precautions with a telephone triage system, screening at the surgery door, a one-way movement system through the surgery, and high-risk patients being seen earlier in the day to reduce their risk of cross-infection. However, according to Senior GP, Dr. Jack Jacobs, the practice felt it still needed to implement another crucial safety measure — providing clean air.

A flawless track record

With six doctors and a dispensary, Hamstreet Surgery needed air-cleaning devices designed to suit their various spaces and reduce cross-infection for the protection of both staff and patients. The practice doctors felt reassured that Radic8 VIRUSKILLER™ technology had been developed and used in other countries that had similar outbreaks in the past.

“Knowing it had been developed in South Korea was important to us as they’ve got an excellent track record of managing viruses,” explained Dr. Jacobs. “We wanted to minimize the risk to our patients and staff in any way we could, so we looked around and felt that VIRUSKILLER™ was the most appropriate technology for us”.

Doctors surgery parking

Rising to the challenge

The practice installed various units, including the VK 401, which safeguards doctors and patients during medical procedures. “We ran a big flu clinic where we vaccinated 900 people in just 12 hours. We had the VIRUSKILLER™ units running, which was vital as we had a big throughput of patients in the building.”

The doctors of Hamstreet Surgery found the installation of the units simple with a positive reaction from staff, who feel reassured that the practice has taken extra protective measures to safeguard them from potential infection. “Our staff need to work hard to look after our patients, and as such, we knew we had to protect them from cross-infection as far as possible.”

Clean Air in Doctors Reception

Clean air technology is a breath of fresh air

The surgery has received praise for being proactive in taking a lead in implementing extra safety measures to protect the health of everyone in the practice. Patients feel safe to visit, which is good not only for the practice but also for the overall health of the community.

As awareness around indoor air pollution and its negative health effects increases, particularly for those with respiratory issues, Hamstreet Surgery’s commitment to keeping their patients safe was a long-term investment. “We had to do all we could to reassure people to come and see us and talk to us about problems,” explained Dr. Jacobs. “I think anything we could do to reassure them that where they were going to be seen or assessed was safe would encourage them to seek the help they needed.”

With VIRUSKILLER™ clean air technology inside Hamstreet Surgery, staff and patients in and around Kent can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are in safe hands and safe air when it comes to their medical care.

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