Henry Schein distributes VIRUSKILLER™ in North America

Radic8’s VIRUSKILLER™ indoor air safety technology is now available in the United States and Canada.

Radic8 and Henry Schein have partnered up to distribute VIRUSKILLER™ in the United States and Canada, opening up the world’s biggest market to Radic8’s powerful clean air technology at a critical time for the industry.

From this month, Henry Schein is offering its North American clients a range of Radic8 indoor air safety products: the VK 103 for larger spaces, waiting rooms and public areas, the VK 401 for surgeries and offices, and the Hextio for reception areas and individual workspaces.

Says Radic8 CEO Louise Wallace, “The U.S. and Canada are important markets for us. We are excited that our VIRUSKILLER™ technology will be made available to dental practices and other health providers in these regions and hope it will go some way towards alleviating the challenges health care staff and patients face during and after the pandemic.”

“We’re excited to add Radic8 indoor air safety devices to our portfolio of air management technologies, reinforcing Henry Schein’s commitment to helping dental professionals provide a safer environment for their patients and staff,” says Henry Schein President of U.S. Dental Distribution, AJ Caffentzis.

Learn more about VIRUSKILLER™ units for the dental sector:

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