International Day of Older Persons 2020 Celebrates Nurses and Caregivers

Amidst a global pandemic, care homes around the world are taking the respiratory health of their residents more seriously.
international day of older persons VIRUSKILLER

On 1 October, the International Day of Older Persons celebrates its 30th anniversary This year, the day highlights the role of healthcare workers and caregivers in contributing to the health of the elderly, including special recognition of those in the nursing profession who take care of our aged loved ones.

Living in close quarters means airborne pathogens can spread more easily, putting residents and staff in care homes at risk of infection and illness as they share the same facilities, spaces, meals, and indoor air. At a time of COVID-19, the awareness of these dangers has never been greater.

Care homes at high risk

According to recent data, between 42% and 57% of COVID-19 deaths in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the US have been in eldercare*.

The elderly and infirm often have compromised or weakened immune systems and, together with a high prevalence of comorbidities, are at far greater risk of death if they contract illnesses such as COVID-19.

Without proper ventilation and correct air treatment, care homes can suffer from air polluted with harmful gases, VOCs, pollen, dust, and mold, which could threaten residents with respiratory conditions or allergies. Added exposure to unpleasant odors and fumes from cleaning chemicals and other waste can exacerbate respiratory issues in the elderly, as well the caregivers who look after them every day.

As care homes around the world prioritise improving their indoor air quality to protect the health of their residents, VIRUSKLLER™ offers three key features that can help protect those we love:

Cross-Infection prevention

In spaces such as dining rooms or recreational areas, the VK 103 draws contaminated air away from the elderly and their caregivers and releases clean, decontaminated air back into the breathing zone, providing real-time protection in larger spaces.

Odor control

The VK 401 contains the same VIRUSKILLER™ technology found in the larger units, and its triple filtration and eight high-power UVC lamps retain single air pass disinfection and airflow control capabilities. In addition, the abundance of activated carbon in the Reactor Chamber and filters makes the unit ideal for neutralising and eliminating odors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and corridors in care homes.

Fresh air

Residents in care homes often spend upwards of 17 hours per day indoors, with limited exposure to outdoor air. VIRUSKILLER™ devices installed throughout the home can provide clean, particulate-free air for those with limited access to the outdoors. The Hextio, our compact clean air companion, is perfect for placement on bedside tables for fresh air delivery throughout the night.

Learn more about VIRUSKILLER™ units recommended for care homes:

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* International Day of Older Persons

* The Guardian: Half of coronavirus deaths happen In care homes, data from EU suggests

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