When air purification is not enough.

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Get premium indoor air safety technology that filters, neutralizes, and decontaminates indoor air, as used in critical care spaces around the world.

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As the global leader in indoor air safety, VIRUSKILLER™ combines world-class air purification with patented active decontamination, and — unlike conventional air purifiers — our patented Reactor Chamber means the deactivation of infectious bioaerosols and pathogens in a single powerful unit.

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Indoor Air Pollution Is a Public Health Crisis

Indoor air pollution is a risk factor for several of the world’s leading causes of death, making it a major environmental and public health challenge1.


The number of litres of air the average person breathes per day. That’s approximately eight litres of air per minute and 300 million litres of air in a lifetime.2


The average amount of time a person spends indoors3, exposing themselves to harmful indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene glycol4, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and carbon monoxide (CO) fumes5.

7 million

The number of premature deaths each year caused by stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and acute respiratory infections, as a result of air pollution6.

Engineered Infection Prevention

Air Purification Is Not Enough 4

All-in-one solution

World-class air purification with patented decontamination technology means unrivalled performance against airborne pathogens.

Single air pass

Instant and complete decontamination of air that passes through the Reactor Chamber, irrespective of the particle size or pathogen type.

Certified safety

Ultra-high performance UV-C germicidal decontamination housed within a patented Reactor Chamber for safe, real-time operation.

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Airflow Control

VIRUSKILLER™ precision airflow control draws contaminated air away from occupants, expelling clean, fresh air into the breathing zone of the room.

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Air first passes through a series of filters, including a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a high-end HEPA filter, trapping both large and ultrafine particles for future disposal.

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Toxic gases from outdoor air pollutants, as well as indoor odors and fumes from carpets, flooring, and cleaning chemicals are neutralized within minutes.

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Our patented Reactor Chamber is the heart of VIRUSKILLER™, ensuring that any remaining pathogens and gases are deactivated on a single air pass.

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Designed for the most critical medical facilities, surgeries and laboratories. High airflow and exceptional decontamination performance.

300-635 CFM

165m2, Laminar

8 x 8W Bulbs

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Uncompromising UV-C technology for the most demanding areas, with unequalled odor control and decontamination results.

200-388 CFM


16 x 6W Bulbs

Air Purification Is Not Enough 10

All-purpose device for reduction of cross-infection and indoor air pollution in public spaces. Deliver clean air where it matters most.

200-358 CFM


8 x 6W Bulbs

Air Purification Is Not Enough 12

The most versatile all-in-one clean air device, protecting clinical and public spaces around the world from pollutants and harmful pathogens.

70-141 CFM


8 x 6W Bulbs

Air Purification Is Not Enough 13

Featuring technology inherited from Radic8’s VIRUSKILLER™ enabled devices, Hextio is the perfect clean air unit for personal use, situated on a desk, counter, or bedside table.

12-20 CFM


1 x 6W Bulb

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Air Purification Is Not Enough 15

“Due to the current global climate, I had to take additional safety measures to protect staff and patients in the practice. One of the core changes I made was to install Radic8 VIRUSKILLER™ air decontamination units in all treatment rooms and waiting areas instead of conventional air purifiers, as their technology renders pathogens harmless. The favourable airflow rate enabled me to reduce the fallow time between patients and both staff and patients have commented positively on the VIRUSKILLER™ units. We now consider them essential.”

Dr. Richard Colin, BDS BSc

Abbots Langley Dental Practice, UK

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“In pharmacies, where drugs need to be temperature controlled, we can’t open windows so VIRUSKILLER™ was easy to add to our existing space and has allowed us to keep our patients and staff safe. These devices will see us through the current global conditions and help us moving forward, so it was worth investing in clean air for the long term. There’s nothing quite like these units for indoor air safety.”

Dr. Bill Warrilow, Senior Partner and Lead GP

The Charing Practice, Ashford, UK

Air Purification Is Not Enough 17

The Children’s Center for Communication and Beverly School for the Deaf (CCCBSD) purchased a number of units from Radic8 for our nursing offices and treatment spaces. As the school is open for business under the current conditions, these small air decontamination units provide confidence for our students and faculty members.”

Mark E. Carlson, M.Ed., MBA, Ed.D., President/Executive Director

Children's Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf

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16 Years of Indoor Air Safety

VIRUSKILLER™ by Radic8 is the world’s most awarded clean air technology. With a 16-year track record, and over 400,000 installations worldwide, the challenge of poor indoor air quality is being solved one space at a time, enabling Radic8 to share clean air with everyone, everywhere.

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