Nieto Clean Tech brings VIRUSKILLER™ clean air technology to Central America and the Caribbean

Nieto Clean Tech

Nieto Clean Tech, in partnership with Radic8, is proud to bring VIRUSKILLER™ to industries across Central America and the Caribbean.

VIRUSKILLER™ is the engine behind Radic8’s quest to bring clean air everywhere, with devices for all indoor spaces that deliver world-class performance against airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. As evidence continues to mount that poor indoor air quality can have a major impact on physical and mental health outcomes, not to mention exacerbate comorbidities and respiratory illnesses during a time of global pandemic, improving indoor air quality is more important than ever.

According to Commercial Director Andrés Nieto Alfaro, Nieto Clean Tech is excited to be working with Radic8. “VIRUSKILLER™ is by far the best technology that I have seen in terms of helping solve the indoor air quality challenge and enabling indoor air infection prevention.”

“Nieto is proud to be able to bring this technology to the Central American and Caribbean region and help customers in all types of industries and applications provide safe and healthy air as well as a better indoor working environment,” says Alfaro.

Nieto aims to make the technology easily accessible throughout the region, bringing clean, fresh air to people everywhere. “We’re looking forward to rolling out the technology to facilities and businesses that are struggling with high levels of indoor air pollution, enabling employees to carry out their work safely, hygienically, and efficiently,” he says.

For more information about VIRUSKILLER™ in Central America and the Caribbean, visit Nieto Clean Tech.

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