VK Link: The Future of Clean Indoor Air

The new inline, HVAC-ready VIRUSKILLER™ bridges the purification gap between outdoor and indoor air to revolutionize the flow of fresh, clean indoor air.
VK Link clean indoor air

We’re thrilled to announce the latest development in indoor air safety technology — the Radic8 VK Link. This highly anticipated inline air purification unit is designed specifically for use in ventilation and air delivery systems to bring the benefits of truly fresh, clean indoor air to spaces around the world.

As a company on a mission to share clean air with everyone everywhere, our passion for indoor air safety is what drives us to innovate. Over the course of the VK Link’s development, our innovation team installed and experimented with multiple prototypes to fine-tune the technology and its capabilities, while consulting with leading HVAC designers to ensure industry adoption and compatibility.

VK Link on Desk

The link between the outdoors and the indoors

The events of the past two years have drawn our attention not only to the quality of our indoor air, but also to the role ventilation plays in improving indoor oxygen levels. But while opening a window or turning up the fan on the HVAC can provide a short-term solution, it can create another problem.

Outdoor air is not always clean, particularly in urban areas where it can be rife with vehicle emissions, particulate matter, dust, and pollen. As we know, these pollutants can easily make their way indoors through traditional ventilation ducts and airflow systems. So, while legislation regarding increased indoor ventilation continues to gain much-needed global support, it can come at the cost of exposing occupants to the worst of the outdoor air in the surrounding environment.

We’re delighted to finally bridge the purification gap between outdoor and indoor air. The VK Link can be configured to provide a constant flow of fresh air, which helps introduce oxygen and lower CO2 concentrations in our spaces. And all that outdoor air — potentially highly polluted urban air — gets cleaned and filtered on arrival using the same high-end purification technology found in our freestanding devices, meaning the best of both worlds — a constant supply of fresh outdoor air, cleaned with VIRUSKILLER™ efficiency before being delivered to rooms and spaces.

The link between VIRUSKILLER™ and indoor airflow systems

The VK Link is also an innovative, ready-to-go clean air component that can easily be integrated into indoor airflow and recirculation systems. Where the Radic8 freestanding units are designed to take care of a room’s breathing zone with targeted placement and application, the VK Link can deliver ambient, whole-room air that is purified, neutralized, and decontaminated on delivery and transfer. Both solutions can be used together for unequalled indoor air safety in modern spaces of all kinds.

In addition, the VK Link respects conditioned air, preserving heated or cooled air where energy targets are crucial, or in living spaces where it can work in tandem with furnaces and heat recovery systems in modern homes.

Best of all, the VK Link can help keep your conditioning, ducting, and supporting airflow components clean during air circulation and transfer, meaning a greater level of air hygiene throughout the airflow system.

VK Link in office

An inline solution for creative applications

All of these benefits — fresh air delivery, recirculation, and conditioning integration — can be combined or mixed and matched, making the VK Link a uniquely versatile air decontamination component. The VK Link brings VIRUSKILLER™ to the creation of modern airflow designs to revolutionize the flow of fresh, clean air in indoor spaces, ushering us into a new era of indoor air safety.

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