4th Wave Technology brings VIRUSKILLER™ to the UK

4th Wave Technology, in partnership with Radic8, is proud to be bringing VIRUSKILLER™ air decontamination technology to the United Kingdom.

4th Wave Technology, in partnership with Radic8, is proud to be bringing VIRUSKILLER™ air decontamination technology to industries all over the United Kingdom — including commercial buildings, retail and office spaces, schools and universities, childcare and care homes, hotels, hospitality, and more.

VIRUSKILLER™ is the technology that powers Radic8’s Engineered Infection Prevention, with devices for all indoor spaces that deliver world-class performance against airborne viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi. With mounting evidence that poor indoor air quality leads to poor outcomes for respiratory and mental health, removing indoor air pollution is crucial to the physical and mental wellbeing of any building’s occupants. At a time of heightened risk of airborne cross-contamination, clean indoor air technology is more important than ever.

According to Naeem Walji of 4th Wave Technology, the distribution company is delighted to be working with Radic8 to bring clean air to the UK. “We were blown away by the performance of VIRUSKILLER™, a truly premium solution to the ongoing problem of raising the quality of indoor air.”

“The UK is ready for VIRUSKILLER™,” Walji continued. “We aim to make the technology as easy to access as possible and help our key partners and end users along the journey of getting units installed in their essential spaces. Of course, we have a keen interest in those areas where VIRUSKILLER™ can help protect the vulnerable — social care facilities and education — but also any spaces where people gather indoors and pose a potential risk to one another.”

4th Wave Technology is investing in and scaling innovative businesses across various geographies and verticals, giving them the energy and know-how to think forward and develop sustainable opportunities. The team at 4th Wave Technology are passionate about their Clean Air As A Service model and are looking forward to being the driver of change in best-in-class clean air technology solutions.

VIRUSKILLER™ safeguards communal spaces against cross-contamination, enabling cleaner and healthier living, working, and learning environments for everyone. For more information about VIRUSKILLER™ in the UK, contact 4th Wave Technology: https://4thwavetech.com/